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I give up


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Not sure how I can help you out, but if you need an extra set of hands let me know.
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Knowing your frustration, I can tell you that 1/4" fittings, a long length of hose, and a extension all but kill the power of a impact gun. These tools needs lots of pressure and air to work correctly.

If you are having so many problems, look into just getting used motors into the bay and then turning the boat around.
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If the heads of the bolts aren't rounded off, and you can access them pretty well, just get a longer pipe to put over the breaker bar. It will either come loose or twist the bolt in two, either way works. Be sure to use impact sockets and extentions. If the heads are rounded off, drive the next smaller socket on it with a BIG ball peen hammer. I have yet to find a bolt I can't twist off if I can get to it. I keep a 10 foot length of 1 inch pipe around for that very purpose. Heat the piss out of it with a torch and it should come out.
Stay with it man, I just took 8 months working on a boat engine, and I would just take my time and break problems down to smaller problems and try to do them one at a time. Luckily I have a couple other boats so I didn't have to be in any hurry at all. Sometimes I wouldn't work on it for two weeks or so. Stay cool and think of it as a challenge, and how proud you will be of yourself for conquering the challenge. Let us know how it turns out.
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Give me a call if you like.

You have my number.

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Originally posted by cuda
I would just take my time and break problems down to smaller problems and try to do them one at a time.
excellent advice cuda. sometimes ya gotta take a few steps back and do things one at a time. i do this kinda stuff for a living and know the value of that advice.

good luck with your project jayl13 this stuff is frustrating but the patience pays off in the end, wish i could help
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Do like one of the others said use a cut off wheel and cut the ex bolt heads off then you can slide the ex off. heat the bolts, and a little around the head and take bolts right out. If you can't get the others out cut head off of them and punch them out.
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STOP --- before you cut any heads off have you tried PB BLASTER??? It works much better than WD 40. Spray the stuff on a few times over 2- 3 days and they might break free. The rear bolts are probably siezed into the rubberized motor mounts - not the bottom housing. Also if you do cut or break the heads off and need to get a stud out- Go to a profesional tool company and buy a stud remover. They work much better than vise grips.
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Jason check your e-mail.
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Jay, I've been going through a bit of the same thing as you only I am replacing transom/stringers and floor core---I had to remove all the hardware with my cousin's help and then remove most of the transom and stringers---I know how you feel bud. I agree about the air pressure---it has to be ADEQUATE to operate air tools properly. Heat is another good one if it can be done safely. Ike sounds like he's got a shop that can do the job for you---so many offers of "hands on" help from these guys it should make you feel like SUPERMAN!!! Heck, with all this good will I could start a church with all these guys that have extended themselves toward you---just kiddin' gang don't get your undies in a bunch. LOL---Seriously though, what a support group---I am dually impressed!

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Jay hang in there bro. Guys like you and me we have to stick together!!!! I know it is easy to see all these guys on the board hitting the water and having fun while we are still wrenching with no end in site!! Remember a lot of these guys on this board are in a different financial league then you and me. This does not mean that we can not afford to own a boat, just that if we brake some times we have to take a little longer to get her up and running and do a lot of the work ourselves. Yes this often times means making costly errors, but in the end as long as you are some what mechanically inclined (and it sounds like you are) you will save more money even with the errors. Some of my best days on my boat have been spent in the bilge. The feeling of compleeting a job that I thought I could not do, like getting the motors out the first time is great!!!

As far as your current problem. Sounds like you need more touque on the bolts. They can not be in there that tight and if they are then you need to just break off the heads and deal with getting them out the rest of the way when you get the motor on the ground and have LOTS more room. If you have to with the heads grind them off with a grinder and then you can again deal with them on the ground. Also some times if you run the motor up and get it nice and warm they will come right out. Hang in there bro you can do it I know you can. If you want to some weekend you can head up this way. We can wrench on our boats and head up and make Biggus give us a ride in his TOP GUN

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