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Help me decide, I have analysis paralysis!

Old 09-06-2002, 03:24 PM
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I think you are receiving some valuable advice. I guess in my case I have to realistically analyze my boating needs.
I have decided that an upgrade toa 35 playboy would fit my needs perfectly at this point.
Performance (if a twin step) should be low 80's with 500 efi's, XR drives can easily handle the power, plus the cabin room is definitely a priority at this point (small kids involved)
So for me, the answer is clear. Although I would love to own a 32 skater or 36 Daytona, right now it just doesn't fit.
From what you are saying, I can't see a small 26 Daytona fitting into your program for very long anyway. Let someone else deal with it's issues and get a bigger boat!
Plus the wife will love the ride of a bigger boat, and REALLY love it if it has a useable cabin!!

Bottom line: IT'S ALL GOOD!
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Old 09-06-2002, 03:31 PM
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UT- one variable that came along- didn't elim do something to the bottom to deflect water around the bravo's? Was this in the neighborhood of the water pickups and what was the timing of that mod relative to your water pressure issues? It may or may not be related.
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Old 09-06-2002, 05:07 PM
Uncle Toys
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TJ – I agree, boating should be fun. As an analysis, part of the fun is the hunt. My set up does/did have the intercoolers. I’ll go into more detail on the waterpressure and pickup probably Monday on the other thread, after I do a little more research. Dustin's last post gave me a great idea.

Audio – Pfaff is first on my list. Know anyone from Pfaff on the board? Or does anyone know someone at Pfaff real well and can introduce me?

Insptech – Good tip. Thanks I’ll remember that. Mine are actually 377ci strokers (sp?)

Shane – Yeh, I know, Skater, Skater, Skater. Boy, you east coast guys really like to spend my money

SummerObession – I hear ya. The difficult thing for my board buddies to remember it this is my first performance boat (hear that Otto, I’ll get there )

Our kids are late teens so I don’t really have the need for a cabin like you do. However, hanging out on Tom and Shannon’s Slingshot really got my wife thinking about the kitchen and the head (please forgive me T2x).

My main problem is I really like cats! If in the future we knew we would only be on the lake, there would be no decision. But I hear the steady drumming of the ocean calling us. I just need to get a few rides on both and see if we think we can handle the ocean in a 36’ cat with a smaller cabin.

Keep us posted on the new Playboy, sounds kewl.

Cattitude – Those mods are only in the same general neighborhood. I feel strongly they have not had any effect on water pressure.
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Old 09-06-2002, 05:37 PM
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Sounds like youare already leaning toward a biger boat. Trust your inner voice! There are boats out there that can hit Havasu, the ocean, or even a smaller lake with equal ease.
Don't people take their 40 and 46' skater to havasu for an ego stroke or two?
Find the biggest boat you think you can handle, put as big as power that MERC builds under warranty and you and the Mrs. go tear it up!!
You are like me, you want to actually BOAT while boating. Working on the boat all week and weekend just to go boating doesn't make sense for us.
I worked on drag cars all weekend to run 4 runs for a combined time of less than 28 seconds. I did my time, now I want to relax and enjoy the water!!
I have a HUGE amount of respect for all the guys on this board that do all the work to their boats, but for me, my time is more profitable doing other things right now.
I do have an 1100 hp 14-71 blown motor just waiting for a twin to be built and a home (36 Daytona)!! I will build it one of these days!
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