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millions and millions of prayers needed

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Keep your daughter on your mind and do it for her. Prayers sent out for a speedy recovery.
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Were doomed!
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Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy horsepower. And I've never seen a sad person hauling a$$!
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You've got my prayers chris! Darren
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Keep your faith and God bless
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There is a boat in front of you. You have many laps before the checkered flag. Do you try to beat that boat or do you withdraw ?

Damn straight you try to beat that other boat ! With everything you have and then some.

You are strong.....remain that way.

Good luck my friend, our prayers will be with you. Without a doubt !
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prayers sent,stay strong and positive and god will do the rest.
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Drive to arrive alive!!!
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You'll get through this!!! Keep staying positive and all will work out. Medical advancements are incredible these days.
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I saw this quote from Jesse James this morning on Facebook and immediately thought of your situation and challenges ahead:

"Sometimes we get ourselves into situations either business or personal. That seem so bleak. It looks like there is absolutely no way out. Nothing will fix things. our minds get overwhelmed with thoughts of doom. "We are going to lose everything". It's all over, just give up.. no sense of continuing".
Then something magical happens called "Time". A couple days pass and you are mysteriously standing slightly taller. You are working diligently like normal. You are sleeping at night and eating regularly.
So when you hit those rough spots don't ever forget this. No matter how bad things seem. They will Always get better. You just need to ride them out.
The light is at the "End" of the Tunnel, not in the middle.."
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I wrote some words of encouragement for you Donzi - I write poems when inspired and I hope this can inspire and strengthen you !!!!!

Stay Strong

The world is a wonderful place, different and daring us
To grab the ring and live it full
Challenges and joyful moments abound
Tears and smiles fill us every day
Beyond it all it tells us…
Stay strong, reach those heights
It may bring us down for a time
Challenges on our doorstep, at home and in our lives
Live the life we were all meant to live
Give your all in those fights both public
And private, with friends and family
Aim High, even when the news is sad
Cheat the Grim Reaper for a while
He will be there later as permanent as time
Stand on the mountain peaks and reach for the sky….

RBS Jr...9/15/15
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You will definitely be kept in my got this
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