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Street Bike Days coming to an end.....

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Have had 2 streetbikes. Had accidents on both, swerved to miss some jackass backing up on a major highway, (missed his ramp), hit the slippery strip in the middle of the lane and stuffed the front end. Over the bars and ended up sliding under the back end of Jackass's car with the bike sliding right up to me. Got out from under the bumper and stood the bike up. Went over to see what the hell he was thinkin' and he looked at me and proceeded up the ramp. To freaked out to get a lic.#. Then noticed the blood running down my hamburgered right hip and upper leg. Rode bike home in 50 degree weather and w/o a clutch handle and a bent shift lever. Second wreck happened at a drag race event , screwin' around hit cinders and bit it hard torn open both knees. Do you know how much it hurts to have some EMT pick rocks out of both of your knees for about an hour!!! I'm done with Street bikes, lots of fun to much risk! Looking for a 4 wheeler to play around on. Maybe a Warrior or a Banshee....or a Raptor!
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Default Re: Street Bike Days coming to an end.....

After I waded my zx-9 at Deals Gap TN I decided (before I hit the ground) that I am not mature enough yet( 38 years old) to own a sport bike. Something about the whole feel of the bike that makes you feel like superman. I watch these a-holes riding bikes like idiots around here and realize I was doing the same exact thing a few years earlier. I was the king a-hole!

Originally Posted by packinair
I have a zx-7r sitting in my garage that has not moved in almost 3 years. last time it was out I caught myself racing a friend down the center turn lane WELL into the triple didgets with my wife on the back.....I slowed down, turned around putzed back home and have not riden after that
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Default Re: Street Bike Days coming to an end.....

Geez. Pretty one sided bunch here about bikes. Not one post said anything about rider education - just about how dangerous bikes are. Nuts.

I'm 42, been riding 32 of those years. Been down, sure. Never hit by anyone else unless you count the guy behind me at Aquafest back in the 80's after I decided to bail rather than take out the guy I was battling with for a podium position. Very few close calls on the road either, am I just lucky? I don't think I'm any different that any other guy on two wheels. Except maybe for...

I've attended and/or taught countless riding schools, Team Suzuki Advanced Riding School, Reg Pridmore's school, Jason Pridmore's Star School, Danny Walker's American Supercamp (dirttrack), have raced bikes off and on for 21 years and was Chief Instructor for the CMRA rider school here in Texas for two years and have 5 roadracing championships. It's funny to read all these posts because I don't miss turns because I'm going too fast, don't make stupid passes around trucks, don't have to choose whether to "lay 'er down" or ride it out... ...I love riding, I ride with my pals often and will continue to do so as long as I can toss a leg over a bike.

Bikes, like boats, are only as dangerous as the guy with his hand on the throttle.

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Default Re: Street Bike Days coming to an end.....

after my friend died 6 years ago I will never even think of riding a bike.

He had just left his parents house. Witnesses said he was doing 35 mph in a 40 mph (under the speed limit) and a dear jumped out and knocked him over into the on coming car. He was trapped under the car for 1 hour and died in the ambulance.

The night it happened I had to go around the road block. Little did I know what happened a 1/2 Mile ahead. I found out that next morning on the radio. He was well known in our small town and Evey volunteer in town that assisted in helping knew him.

He was only 23 and had the brightest future of anyone that I knew at the time. He touched the lives of so many. There was over 400 people at the funeral. There isn't a day that goes buy that I don't think of the accident. I have to drive past where it happened almost every day. There is still flowers left there from friends and family. His parents have never been the same and neither have I.
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Old 07-30-2004, 01:23 PM
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Default Re: Street Bike Days coming to an end.....

I'd ridden bikes since I was 14. Took a 16 month "cross country" trip back in 71/72' when my best buddy came home from "Nam".

Finally sold my last bike last December, hated to part ways with it, but I had put less than 900 miles on it in three years and almost got hit my old drivers last two times out. My mailman bought it and it went to a great home. I miss it.

Shattered my left shoulder on it in Dec. 89' at less than six mph. Was stopping for a red light and went over a manhole cover that had just frozen. Front wheel went to the left up against the fork stops and when it hit the pavement just catapulted me down on to my left shoulder. Broke the ball off the end of the bone into four pieces and fragments, and the socket into three pieces and fragments. They put it back together, drilled over fifteen hundred holes in it and tied it back together. Took four years to get my arm back. Luckily today, I never remember it had ever been broken.

Down here it just got too damn scarey with all the "bluehairs". Last time out, one came across three lanes to turn right in front of me. Miss her by less than a foot at about 45. That was the last straw.

Hated to sell it, but I really think it was the right thing to do.
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Default Re: Street Bike Days coming to an end.....

Im 40, been riding bikes 35 years, mostly dirt bikes. I have owned a few street bikes also. I will probably own a Harley in a few years. I have had friends killed on bikes. I have had some close calls on the street also. I currently race the TSCEC Enduro circut. Yea bikes are very very dangerous!

In 1988 while completly sober, I jumped my 21' outboard boat (at about 68mph) over the overtransom headers of a drunk guy's jet boat. Scared me worse than any of the motorcycle wrecks I have ever had. No one was hurt but it did put a rather large hole in the front of my boat. Took me months to even decide I wanted to get the boat fixed. Changed my whole outlook on driving fast on the water.

Bikes are dangerous, so are boats. There are just as many stupid people on the water as there is on the road and probably a larger % of them drinking!
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Default Re: Street Bike Days coming to an end.....

Been bikin for 35 years, it takes a special person to ride safe, meticulous person ,its not for everyone. Most people I know thats been killed, even my Nephew PJ Zimmerman God rest him, did'nt follow the (safe rules) It's like riding a boat over 80, theres things you do and important stuff you don't but I would'nt give it up for nutten.
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Default Re: Street Bike Days coming to an end.....

Wow, this is the most depressing thread i've ever read. I ride a 650 gs Dakar. been down twice on the dirt. Never on the road. but have had some pretty close calls, the most hairraising on the FDR in NYC. Every time im on it someone cuts me off and alomost runs me off the road. Im going to put a louder exhaust on it if i dont sell it this summer. Im asking 6k if anyones insterested. I was going to buy a ducati 900 SS but my parents made a deal with me so i got this instead. Probably a good idea, i guess they know i have an invincibility complex.
Some good points have been made in this thread.
" I feel the ONLY survivable streetbike is a 375 pound 150 horsepower bike with 13" diameter brakes and razor handling. Got to be able to change velocity and direction QUICKLY." I think so too, this wil lprobably be my next bike. Hopefully i will have some self restraint.

Luckily none of my friends have died on a bike. My best friend hit some oil and went down, ended up with a concussion. One of my friends totaled his ninja when a 18wheeler cut him off. he dropped the bike and the truck ran over it. he was fine, then bought an r1. my roomate before i knew him went over backwards and had to get a skin graph, a quarter of his back is scarred. Another kid in my dorm freshman year hit a curb and spent a week in the hospital and had a broken leg, and a broken wrist.
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Default Re: Street Bike Days coming to an end.....

Originally Posted by wwwTOPDJcom
Man you got me thinking too , I have a 160mph gsxr
and I dont feel like loosing my life on it, I stay out of the city
I try to drive defensively but, Who knows if the guy on the corner
that has made Eye contact with you, really see's you?

not a 160
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Default Re: Street Bike Days coming to an end.....

Originally Posted by aero-offshore
Been bikin for 35 years, it takes a special person to ride safe, meticulous person ,its not for everyone. Most people I know...did'nt follow the (safe rules)....
I must be a putz. Ive ridden for 25+ years (down 2 times in the road) and just sold my 900RR a few months back. Maybe Im a little cocky (you certainly are, so I can relate) in thinking it wouldnt be my mistake that killed me, but the other morrons on the road that would take me out. Ill never give up riding the woods where the trees dont pull out in front of you. The roads in NJ on the other hand are done for me.
My father has a couple Harley's and when in NH or out west Ill ride but not here.

Good luck and be safe.
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