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Terrorists and war

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Old 03-15-2003, 12:07 PM
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Old 03-15-2003, 12:17 PM
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Default don't like the message so you put your fingers in your ears and yell Blah , Blah , Blah

FACT is that these things happen

The people that fell for Bush Sr.'s propaganda...are the same people that are falling for Jr.'s propaganda

They still can't see straight
Old 03-15-2003, 01:04 PM
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Originally posted by cashmoney
You really don't believe Iraqgate happened..

The collective laughter is deafening..

I have DESTROYED you in this debate

got it...DESTROYED


Hey Steve, not sure how much more overwhelming knowledge you have to throw at this guy. He obviously is beligerent. You post 1st hand experience and material, he digs up some leftist, overseas, liberal, fear mongering, liberal trash, irresponsible and politically swayed reporting and claims you have been "destroyed"....HAHAHAHAHA....I'm not even gonna take this guy seriously anymore. What a joke. He posts an article about "pepper spray" and then spouts off about us using chemical weapons......regardless, it seems he would rather see our boys die than be victorious. Everytime he types something, I lose more respect for him.

Tom, I agree that the political chess game is essential and real and that generally speaking we know very little. Politiicans are gonna strectch the truth...some MUCH more than others. That is why I think Steve is valuable. He has 1st hand experience, 1st hand knowledge. He is not citing some artcile that was probably written by some socialist wacko in his basement in Europe somewhere.

Tom, without question there are things occuring that we should not know. There are deals on top of deals on top of 30 other deals. But that does not mean that anyone is following "blindly". Those comments are just laughable, they make you guys look silly. Do you honestly think that Steve or even myself are uninformed??? What about all the other OSO'ers that have chimed in......ARE WE ALL BLIND??? NO, comments like that are why people are getting sick and tired of the democratic party. FEAR MONGERING. You guys act like you know what's best for every American, then when met with honest, heartfelt resistance, you go and cite some article written 4,000 miles from here and then post one about Rumsfeld talking about "pepper spray".

It's just lunacy...........and they wonder why their party is dismantling...

I can't wait to blast Iraq and then Bush can expose the millions and millions of $$ of French illegal arms deals with Iraq and uncover all the "banned" Iraqi weapons that the world insists Iraq does not have. I can't wait until Bush can stand and simply say............"Not only did I liberate Iraq, not only did I save potentially millions of lives.......but I TOLD YOU SO!"

Get the hell outta the comes the USof A!!!!
Old 03-15-2003, 01:08 PM
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Thats my point...


no matter how much you hate to hear this...

It doesn't change the FACT

Old 03-15-2003, 01:09 PM
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Originally posted by Allan4
It has something to do with the liberal policy of ramming one person's opinion down the throats of thousands of other people. That's what liberalism is, making decisions for and controling person's views are what's best for all...I.E. Big Government....I.E. Comunism....see where I am in Hillary Clinton knowing what is better for your health than your doctor does......
This is the part I really don't understand. The liberals here in California get the whole state to vote for medical marijuana and of course we vote for women's right to choose, yet the conservatives cram their beliefs down our throats and up our women's vagina. Then they say that is a liberal trait.
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Old 03-15-2003, 01:42 PM
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Steve1 saw some bullets from Jordon...and a Chinese tank..

I am talking about WMD...not bullets and tanks

Between 85 - 89 we sent Saddam...

Bacillus Anthracis (anthrax)
Botulium Toxin
West Nile virus
Histoplasma Capsulatam (attacks lung,brain,spine,heart)
Brucella Melitensis
Clostridium Perfringens
Clostridium Tetari

As you can see...this is just some of the bio weapons we armed him with

The is also a list of chemicals...including Thiodiglycol...which is a precursor for mustard gas....which was used on the Kurds..

From 85 - 89 the US Gov. approved 771 licccenses for export tp Iraq...Iraq defaulted on the 2 billion we lent them to buy these weapons, So what that raelly means is that the burden was pushed off to the American and me...

We went to work to buy Saddam his WMD
Old 03-15-2003, 01:45 PM
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Not to mention all the nuclear technology we gave him...

But steve1 is worried about bullets that have been fired already....and tanks that have been destroyed already

He says "Jimmy Carter is one of the Founding Fathers of modern day terrorism"

And he "Wants him held responsible"

These words were mumbled from a very feeble mind
Old 03-15-2003, 01:56 PM
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This "war on terror" is far more complicated than most can grasp

In 2000 Iraq switched their standard for selling oil from the dollar to the euro...Saddam also switched his oil/for food fund that the UN was holding to the euro...That fund was 10 billion...and as we all know...the dollar took a dive and the euro went up..Saddam made out great in this switch

There is some momentum for OPEC to switch it's standard for selling oil to the euro also///this would be devestating to the dollar..

We can already see Iran making the switch....and NK also

All of a sudden...the axis of the AXIS OF EURO

And this spells bad news for the American economy
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Tom, you need to get outta California and look around. The liberals are always going speardheading some goofy effort to challenge someone else's lawful way of life. Why can't you guys just leave pople alone? Women @ the Citadel, Gays in the Boy Scouts, Gun laws, Women @ Augusta, Affirmative action, Green peace, Save the Manatees, PETA (BTW, WHERE IS PETA PUBLICALLY HARRASSING SUDDAM FOR CHEM AND BIO TESTS ON DOGS!!!! THEY HAVE THIS ON FILM, PETA HAS NOT SAID A PEAP!!!! IMAGINE THAT, IT"S NOT IN THERE AGENDA!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH BUNCH OF CLOWNS!!!!!! YEAH, THEY CARE ABOUT ANIMALS ALLRIGHT, ONLY IF IT FITS THIER AGENDA...HAHAHAHAHAH), the list goes on.

If they see something they do not like, they just ram ram ram it down your throat, the entire democratic platform relies on this. It is factually incorrect to say otherwise, and you know that. One person or group thinks that toilet paper should be single ply and before you know it CNN is covering some crappy rally with 14 people and the liberals in Congress (i.e. Ted Kennedy, in between drinks) put their faces on TV and piss and moan. Do you ever see conservatives acting like this....NO, because we feel what makes this country so great is people can live how they wnat, within the bounds of the law. I disagree horribly with some of the comments made about the war, but I am proud beyond words that you can say them freely. The democratic party is becoming very socialist oriented.....a VERY scary reality. That is why they are crumbling.

Then, you go and cite abortion, which is on a completely different level. I am against abortion and think it should be outlawed, but my official stance on it is pro choice. I think people whould decide what is best for themselves, then take RESPONSIBILITY for their decisions, and not blame the outcome on someone elses....another liberal favorite. This is why I thnk HIlarry Clinton is a socialist...she thinks the goverment knows more about your health choices than you and your's damn near outrage.

I am acutally in favor of medical majuana as well, only because so many other prescription drugs are so bad for you body, why not use marjuana for mediacl reasons ONLY, not recreation. Some patients will recieve much deserved releif from chronic conditions. Hard to manage though, that's for sure.

When the liberals are done bashing Bush about Iraq, they will move onto something else. Bush will prove them wrong, but they will fnd illigitimate holes and useless drivel to gripe and march about. N Korea, Al Quaeda, public urination laws...they will find something, if you deny this you are kidding yourself. If we don't agree and cave in, then they will protest, many of them protesting with no knowledge understanding of what they are actually marching for. They are called "professional protesters".

Notice how we have not heard anything about "War for Oil" and losing sight on the war on terrorism and Al Queada?? Why......gee, I wonder why.......? All they did was gripe for months about both of them, non stop whining and carrying on....then they were proven wrong...AGAIN, gee, what a surprise...not a peep. Typical.........I've wasted enough time with this stuff, I am done......

Old 03-15-2003, 03:24 PM
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Why is it Cash that you and Catmando are always into the grand conspiracy theory's? Each and every political post is some outlandish contrived leap at conspiracy that you are just SURE is fact. You are so willing to believe any half-witted source to justify a conclusion you have already wrongfully come to it.

Back up for a second dude...To believe even HALF the crap you spew here requires one to suspend all logic and jump a chasm wider than the Grand Canyon to get to the point you are so sure is "fact".

Your hatred of Bush has overwhelmed your ability to reason and it seems to be obvious to everyone but you. Funny, you protest that you are the only one who is intelligent enough to "grasp" the "real" situation here...

I can say that your posts do have a fairly decent entertainment value. Beyond that, you are clueless.
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