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Terrorists and war

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and more:

"Most people would rather die than think -- in fact, they do."
--George Santayana
This seems to fit you Cash crash

Just from reading the posts I can tell who is the most inteligent here. It is VERY obvious. And notice they NEVER prove us wrong.
They just keep spouting the same trash. Where is the proof??? And not the liberal leftist crap.

Hey Steve, not sure how much more overwhelming knowledge you have to throw at this guy. He obviously is beligerent. You post 1st hand experience and material, he digs up some leftist, overseas, liberal, fear mongering, liberal trash, irresponsible and politically swayed reporting and claims you have been "destroyed"....HAHAHAHAHA....I'm not even gonna take this guy seriously anymore. What a joke. He posts an article about "pepper spray" and then spouts off about us using chemical weapons......regardless, it seems he would rather see our boys die than be victorious. Everytime he types something, I lose more respect for him.

ARE WE ALL BLIND??? NO, comments like that are why people are getting sick and tired of the democratic party. FEAR MONGERING. You guys act like you know what's best for every American, then when met with honest, heartfelt resistance, you go and cite some article written 4,000 miles from here and then post one about Rumsfeld talking about "pepper spray".

It's just lunacy...........and they wonder why their party is dismantling...

I can't wait to blast Iraq and then Bush can expose the millions and millions of $$ of French illegal arms deals with Iraq and uncover all the "banned" Iraqi weapons that the world insists Iraq does not have. I can't wait until Bush can stand and simply say............"Not only did I liberate Iraq, not only did I save potentially millions of lives.......but I TOLD YOU SO!"

Get the hell outta the comes the USof A!!!!

Tom, you need to get outta California and look around. The liberals are always going speardheading some goofy effort to challenge someone else's lawful way of life. Why can't you guys just leave pople alone? Women @ the Citadel, Gays in the Boy Scouts, Gun laws, Women @ Augusta, Affirmative action, Green peace, Save the Manatees, PETA (BTW, WHERE IS PETA PUBLICALLY HARRASSING SUDDAM FOR CHEM AND BIO TESTS ON DOGS!!!! THEY HAVE THIS ON FILM, PETA HAS NOT SAID A PEAP!!!! IMAGINE THAT, IT"S NOT IN THERE AGENDA!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH BUNCH OF CLOWNS!!!!!! YEAH, THEY CARE ABOUT ANIMALS ALLRIGHT, ONLY IF IT FITS THIER AGENDA...HAHAHAHAHAH), the list goes on.

If they see something they do not like, they just ram ram ram it down your throat, the entire democratic platform relies on this. It is factually incorrect to say otherwise, and you know that. One person or group thinks that toilet paper should be single ply and before you know it CNN is covering some crappy rally with 14 people and the liberals in Congress (i.e. Ted Kennedy, in between drinks) put their faces on TV and piss and moan. Do you ever see conservatives acting like this....NO, because we feel what makes this country so great is people can live how they wnat, within the bounds of the law. I disagree horribly with some of the comments made about the war, but I am proud beyond words that you can say them freely. The democratic party is becoming very socialist oriented.....a VERY scary reality. That is why they are crumbling.

I think people whould decide what is best for themselves, then take RESPONSIBILITY for their decisions, and not blame the outcome on someone elses....another liberal favorite. This is why I thnk HIlarry Clinton is a socialist...she thinks the goverment knows more about your health choices than you and your's damn near outrage.

When the liberals are done bashing Bush about Iraq, they will move onto something else. Bush will prove them wrong, but they will fnd illigitimate holes and useless drivel to gripe and march about. N Korea, Al Quaeda, public urination laws...they will find something, if you deny this you are kidding yourself. If we don't agree and cave in, then they will protest, many of them protesting with no knowledge understanding of what they are actually marching for. They are called "professional protesters".

Notice how we have not heard anything about "War for Oil" and losing sight on the war on terrorism and Al Queada?? Why......gee, I wonder why.......? All they did was gripe for months about both of them, non stop whining and carrying on....then they were proven wrong...AGAIN, gee, what a surprise...not a peep. Typical.........I've wasted enough time with this stuff, I am done..

Why is it Cash that you and Catmando are always into the grand conspiracy theory's? Each and every political post is some outlandish contrived leap at conspiracy that you are just SURE is fact. You are so willing to believe any half-witted source to justify a conclusion you have already wrongfully come to it.

Back up for a second dude...To believe even HALF the crap you spew here requires one to suspend all logic and jump a chasm wider than the Grand Canyon to get to the point you are so sure is "fact".

Your hatred of Bush has overwhelmed your ability to reason and it seems to be obvious to everyone but you. Funny, you protest that you are the only one who is intelligent enough to "grasp" the "real" situation here...

I can say that your posts do have a fairly decent entertainment value. Beyond that, you are clueless.

It sure has been fun YANKING THEIR CHAINS.
It is so easy to get them going.
It has been a little slow here so it has been fun while it lasted.
thanks everyone

You post opinion pieces and LEAP...and I mean LEAP to some concocted predeterming conclusion of fact.

If you honestly can't understand the difference between fact and opinion then what else is there to discuss???

No one can tell you already know it all..

That is so full of BS --- get out your TINFOIL HAT
The press and TV are 90% LEFTIST-and anyone that thinks otherwise is dillusional.
And you two are the only ones that won't even look at the other sides story. You still haven't shown us some hard evidence that didn't come from some leftist waco press- get out your TINFOIL HAT publisher.

And the only ones doing the dividing in this world are the political liftists trying to discredit the republicans to advance their side with whatever lies they can spin.
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Antiwar protesters rally worldwide

March 15 ? _Hundreds of thousands of antiwar protesters worldwide took to the streets on Saturday in the biggest such demonstration since millions of people joined a global march for peace last month. In Washington, D.C., thousands of protesters from more than 100 U.S. cities rallied at the Washington Monument.

BUT THE PROTESTS did not appear to match the Feb. 15 worldwide demonstrations in size. Estimates put the Feb. 15 global turnout at upwards of four million, with some saying as high as 10 million. But this time, with war looking more likely, turnout appeared lower.
Tens of thousands of people turned out for a vigil ringing the White House. Other protests were planned in Los Angeles and San Francisco.
"President Bush, listen to your people ? the American people before you today who say, ?No war in Iraq,"' Howard University student Peta Lindsay told the midday rally in Washington.
The Washington antiwar protest was to culminate with a march to the White House and the Justice Department to surround the buildings in what organizers have called a peaceful "sea of humanity."
Under crisp, sunny skies in the U.S. capital, protesters from across the ideological spectrum heard chants of "No blood for oil" and flew rainbow-colored kites with "peace" written on them.
Organizers of the Washington event asked people to leave their jobs, their homes or whatever they are doing on the day war starts, and walk outside.
"The Iraqi people are not our enemies ? they are our sisters and brothers," Howard University student Caneisha Mills told the rally.
_ _ _ _

On the other side of the Atlantic, hundreds of thousands of protesters poured into the center of Madrid on Saturday denouncing Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar's support for a U.S.-led war on Iraq.
Prominent actors, writers, opposition politicians and union leaders led the colorful demonstration as marchers of all ages chanted "No To The War" and waved placards that said "Aznar Murderer."
A government spokesman estimated 120,000 people attended the march, while organizers put the figure at one million. Local media estimated there were hundreds of thousands of marchers.
It was one of several protests across Spain, which has the strongest antiwar sentiment in Western Europe. Polls show more than three-quarters of Spaniards oppose an attack on Iraq.
In Barcelona, police estimated some 300,000 protesters formed a human chain which stretched across the city from the U.S. consulate to the regional headquarters of Aznar's ruling Popular Party.
"Today millions of Europeans and Spaniards are repeating 'no to a war', just as they said a month ago," said Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the head of Spain's Socialist opposition. "How many times must we say this before Aznar listens? Our citizens do no want this war."
_ _ _ _
Around 10,000 marched in Tokyo and 3,000 in Bangkok, where pigeons were released into the skies over the Thai capital as a peace symbol. Protests were also reported in Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand.
People burnt effigies of Bush in Calcutta, India, while demonstrators chanted: "Raise your hands against U.S. imperialism." Others held up placards depicting Bush as Hitler.
In Europe, police said 20,000 Greeks marched to the U.S. embassy in central Athens, with rallies getting going in Scandinavia, France, Britain and elsewhere.
Police were expecting up to 200,000 to turn out across France, with a march setting off in the French capital in mid-afternoon.

?We feel that it's not too late for the people to stop this war.'
International ANSWER coalition
French President Jacques Chirac has vowed to use his veto at the United Nations if Washington seeks U.N. backing for a resolution that permits military action against Iraq.
As the Paris protest built up at the Place de la Nation, some wore T-shirts with photos of Bush and the words "Wanted: Terrorist number One." Others had banners with: "Bush, Blair ? The axis of evil."
In Germany, hundreds of antiwar activists staged a sit in protest at a U.S. air base near Frankfurt with the United States uses to transport troops and supplies to the Gulf region. Police carried some of the protesters away.
"Especially now, shortly before the possible start of a war, it is extremely important to make our resistance visible at this central hub for the deployment of troops to the Gulf," organizer Christoph Bautz said.
In the southern city of Nuremberg, about 4,000 protesters held hands to form a three mile "chain for peace."

Demonstrators take part in a protest during an antiwar rally in Athens, Greece on Saturday. Thousands of people protested against a possible US-led attack against Iraq.
In Denmark, police said 5,000 people gathered outside the U.S. Embassy in capital Copenhagen, far fewer than the around 25,000 who showed up on February 15.
"We all know that Saddam needs to be stopped, but this is not the way to do it," one middle-aged woman said. "What I'm wondering is who's going to stop Bush? We don't want a war that is about one man's will."
Between 3,000 and 4,000 people turned out in Stockholm, again a far cry from the 35,000 last month.
In London, British Muslims marched on the embassies of the Muslim world, demanding their governments stand up against the push towards war.
"The governments of the Muslim world have the power to stop this war by disallowing America and its allies from using their land, airspace, waterways and logistics to perpetrate it," said march organizer Imran Waheed.
_ _ _ _
In Iraq itself, there were state-organized marches with thousands of Iraqis vowing to defend Saddam.
"We are your soldiers, Saddam, where will America get through?" youths chanted in Kerbala, home of a Shi'ite shrine. In Baghdad, the crowd burned a U.S. flag.
In neighboring Turkey, several thousand protested against the possible use of Turkish ports and airbases by the U.S. military.
Riot police blocked roads leading to the Mediterranean port of Iskenderun in southern Turkey to try to stop demonstrators gaining access to stores of U.S. military equipment.
Tension over Iraq also sparked protests by Palestinians in Khan Younis refugee camp in the Gaza strip, where 2,000 angry demonstrators shouted "No to the war for oil" and "Save the Iraqi children."
They burned effigies of Bush and Israeli leader Ariel Sharon and set fire to U.S., British and Israeli flags. In Gaza City, several hundred Palestinian women protested. Another 2,000 demonstrated in Nablus, 1,000 in Jenin and a few hundred in both Ramallah and Hebron.
_ _ _ _
The Associated Press and Reuters contributed to this report.
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TOM--- I don't understand your point
Where were all these protesters when CLINTON did almost the same thing only on a smaller scale. HE didn't use the UN at all.
GW is going after IRAQ for the SAME reasons that CLINTON did ( and there is proof of that in clintons own words ) Why are the DEMOCRATES now against the war when they were for the war when CLINTON was in office. I have not heard a GOOD answer to that question. In CLINTONS own words it is for the same reason.
You have heard them yourself in years past.
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ok, so people prosted..and your point is what ??? OK lets take some lessons from the people in Spain, Greece, and Denmark..Cashmoney... will you please go back to supercrash..I like you beter then..Oh buy the way will you Natilie from the Dixe Chicks..and Alec Baldwin ..hit the road !!!!really we will not miss your pathetic views and can still log on to OSO from Canada or even France !!!!!! have fun!!!!! Thanks
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Cash - Tom I feel it a waste of my time to post to you guys but!!

Regarding your Iraqis you are way off base with the Liberal conceptions that saddam is a nice guy and has been a born again Muslim or some like wise crap you are always wrong!! 100% of the time …

If you want to know about Iraq and your nice Iraqis ask the Kuwaitis and BTW my extended family there was Resistance during the occupation. And myself I lived there a long time as a matter of fact still on extended leave….. But you are the experts!!ROFLMAO

May I ask about your expertise!!! LOL that’s a joke ….But I see you are just typical liberal Bull**** Parrots that know nothing important and never will without any insight whatsoever.

You know I run into screw-up’s like you guys all the time all-over and usually I have a nice payday fixing your Disasters.

Here is something you do not read why are the Iraqis Hungry??? They can grow just about anything there as:

They are blessed with water, they even used to grow a type of yellow Rice that was prized by the Arabs and sold for premium prices along with the best of the Dates another commodity highly regarded there.

Why???? Ask the Iraqi government!!

Here another story :seems a lot of Tom and Crash/cash’s dear friends were waking up dead in Kuwait during their uninvited “Visit” So an Iraqi officer stopped by one day and said if you guys want some dead Iraqis we will give them too you..

Seems everyday they would shoot a few dozen solders for some military disobedience and offered the bodies to the Kuwaitis I guess in their sick liberal minds that would stop the killing by the resistance..

BTW TRAITORS I am doing my part in a small way to help guard our brave troops there.
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I just knew I was backing the right guy.
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Tom Tom Tom.......If I didn't know better I would think you were kidding. Please tell me I am wrong about that. Really....I'm just sitting here laughing kinda dumbfounded and disbelief that anyone on the planet would actually admit to thinking all of that. If you actually, sincerely believe what you just typed, then I think the entire planet is doomed. Your thoughts are not only 100% FACTUALLY inaccurate, they are reckless to the point it is obvious that you are irrational and impracticle, and horribly incappable of seeing reality......Oh man....HeHeHe....I'm still laughing like hell..........

Timucin, the ONLY reason I am wasting my time responding to this hysterical post by Tom is for you. The break down of Tom's beligerence is as follows, this is like shooting fish in a barrel:

1. There are not millions of Americans protesting against a war. That's simply not true. Infact, last weekend 10,000 people in Cleveland and 8,000 people in San Antonio held pro USA rallies. These were not pro war rallies, just a show of suppport for our President, leaders and troops. NO news coverage.....but 12 people protest the war and CNN is all over it.....think about that as you read on. There is opposition, but polls show 60-65% of Americans support removing Sudam by force. Tom's comments.....100% untrue.

2. Most mainstrean religous leaders?? HUH??? What the hell are you talking about?? 100% untrue.

3.I have never seen ANY pro war protesting. Infact, that statement alone is a complete contradcition of itself. 100% untrue.

4.Press and media is NOTORIOUSLY left wing. Even THEY will admit that. I.E.......refer to #1 I listed above. This one is actually 10,000% untrue, infact, to the point where comments like that ougtta just let people know how far into outterspace Tom is. Just plain lies. Period.

5.MOST AMERICANS THINK SUDDAM ATTACKED ON 911!!!!! WHAT??????????? Just when you think it can't get anymore into the stratoshpere....please tell me you are kidding....PLEASE. A complete and total misrepresentation of truth. FLAT OUT LIES TOM....FLAT OUT LIES. You should be ashamed of yourself. I can't even beleive you have the gull to say something that bizarre. 100% untrue

**Please note I have not even finished disecting Tom's 1st paragraph yet**

6."The press keeps the public ignorant"......HAHAHAHAHA....Oh Goodness......WE ALL KNOW any good reporter makes his name by breaking stories. They spend 80 hours a week talking to peeps, informants and snitches...yet you think they....I mean all several 100,000 of them are keeping secrets from us........Holy Schmoly, I wish I could organize an effort like that!! really are a fan of the gustapo...I just cannot fathom how you come up with this jiberish. 100% unture, infact, downright scary.

7. Perhaps some people do think Sudam has Nukes. We do know he has many other devastating capabilities....Hell, he gassed the Kurds already Tom. However, the inspections have uncovered components that Sudam "swore he did not have". Gee, what a surprise we have here. Look Tom, you gotta be on Jupiter to think that he does not have massive ammounts of horrible destructive weapons.....Hell, your buddy Cash has been running around telling everyone we gave him the weapons....HAHAHAH.....YOu guys are too much......100% untrue

8. I said "hate" 7 times. I did not count, but am glad you did. I hope people realize how important that word is in this circumstance. Hate is an aweful thing, it causes people to LIE and cheat and steal and rape and murder and torture....It causes people to be like....Sudam. I must be full of hate as well, eventhough I talked to 2 charities yesterday about future fund raisers for them and donate a nice % of income to charities for the ill. I do hate when people lie however......TOM. 100% accurate, congratulaiotns Tom, one thing you said is accurate and you did not even have to go to some wacked out lefty websight to dig it up...YOU CAN COUNT!!! YOU DID YOUR OWN RESEARCH OF THE FACTS WELL DONE...FEELS GOOD DOESN'T IT!!!!!

9. NObody hates you Tom, get over yourself, you are not that relevant, sorry. I may "hate" what you speak of, but I do not hate you. Infact, I'm not really sure I hate anyone, beside the obvious evils.....YOu saying I hate anything is 100% out of line...YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ME!! I don't hate the Pope or Muslims or gays or women, that's lunacy man.....So.....100% untrue.....Gee, another lie.....does anyone else sense a pattern....?? This guy is about as fruity as they get.

10. The conservatives out yell you guys?????? Who are all the protesters about EVERYTHING....It is COMMONLY refered to as the "loud minority" while the conservatives remain pretty quite....which I personally dislike. We had goofy fools from freakin CALIFORNIA, 2,500 miles away, protesting in Cincy a few years ago about a LOCAL problem. People actually are EMPLOYED to protest, they are commonly called "professional protesters". Just like the guy who spounts off about how much $$ he has and how many women he has slept with......he probably has neither. TOm, you may have sunk to a new low here......100,000% incorrect.....infact, a conscious effort to LIE. Again Tom, you are just sitting here knowingly lieing thru your teeth.

11.Blaiming ANY economy woes on Bush is factually impossible. Infact, he was in office about 10 minutes then the democrats started to blaim him for the economy. 100% untrue.

12. Back step.....yes, I am not a big fan of the French. WHY? WHY? NOt becuase they are standing up to us, becuase they are LIEING like a bunch of criminals. They have been in illegal arms deal with the Iraqis for years, common knowledge. They are trying to protect themselves...I can't wait for the big I TOLD YOU SO, when this thing unfolds. 50% are geting better Tom.

13. Yes, we joke about blowing up the Middle East....but we joke about funerals, car wrecks and HIV. It's humor....lighten up and stop being so damn anal. THe fight was brought to us, I can't help it if you are too chickens*** too do anything about it, get the hell outta the way while the rest of us defend freedom. Putting G Bush on ANY level of being a danger to the world is just plain idiotic. I think he acted with enormous restraint by not firing bombs after 9-11. Clinton would have...and did, where was the leftist outcry?? He could have leveled that etire area of the world if he was so aweful and hateful and dangerous. We are so hateful here in the US, yet have liberated and provide freedom, $$, protection and democracy for 100's millions around the world, let alone our "open boarder" policy for immigrants....both legal and illegal. Tom, 100% untrue....again.

14. "Bush has been planning this for years" good thing he stole the election or his plan to have Al Queada attack us and Sudam to disregard UN treaties for 12 years would have fallen thru...see how stupid that sounds. Yeah, and TONS of financial benefit for the rich.....WUHAHAHAHA....WUHAHAHHA....Oh man o oughtta write sci-fi books. 100% untrue and just plain wierd.

15. You guys fear monger about everything.....just recently "Oh, Bush is ruining the war on terror and Al Quaeda...we are all doomed" That ended about 2 weeks ago when we caught the #3 in charge, or how bout "Bush is going to war for oil, oil oil...He is going to kill and then he is going to make billions off of oil!!!!" Strange that the liberals have not been spouting off about that recently...why? Becuase everyone know is it a bunch of crap and they were proven 100% wrong. Everything from healthcare to manatees deing..So...100% incorrect again.

16. We harp on responsibilty all the time, you are correct, so we go out and start go out and put more $ into welfare. We provide jobs, you increase our taxes. We pass laws to convict killers, you give them light sentences, we urge education, you lower grade standards, we reward hard work, you create affirmative action, we try to hold the evil awefullness of the world accountalbe, you say Bush just hates people and want s to kill......NOTE TO TOM....even the most leftist crazy's out there support this war...IE Hillary. I saw an interview last night with Bradley Sherman, democratic senator from California and he was talking about how neccessary the war is, even Clinton's Sec of Defense (his name is slipping my mind)publically says it is something we must do because "all other options have been exhuasted" Wake the hell up Tom.

17. and finally 17, "Bush has divided the whole world"....hmmmm, not Sean Penn, not Martin Sheen, not the terrorists, not tyranists starving and murdering their own people, not the French who are in bed with Iraq and are commiting war crimes, certainly not the people who knocked down the WTC, but G Bush...People have to chose Tom. SOmetimes, when you are a man you are forced into a poition to do things you do not wnat to, it is a matter of survival. Non of us want war man, come on, you know that. I don't want the poor innocents to die, geeez, why would I. But, we have been backed into a corner and if some people do not like our response, I'm can't please everyone. Infact, I think many of these folks abroad are pretty damn ungreatful and better shape up or perhaps risk losing our much needed protection, $$ and support. When the bombs start falling plenty of people will all of a sudden be on "our" team, mark my words.

In closing (thankfully), I'm seeing a whole hell of alot of assumptions and flat out lieing freakin' wonder why the democratic party is dropping like warm dung on a 100* day.

Timucin...I hope this helps you, seeing as I just spent about an hour and 1/2 typing....HAHAHAHA...just kidding man, any time.

God Speed to our great nation, leaders, troops and citizens in this time of great uncertainty.......ALLAN
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Originally posted by Tinkerboater
You guys just don't listen do you? It is not about partisan politics, it is about the fact that all of our leaders lie to us to fool us into going along with their plans. Bush and company have published their plans to take over the world at pissed off the rest of the world with their "humble" approach, dropped out of treaties at an alarming rate, are threatening to use weapons of mass distruction on anyone who does not go along with them, have been caught lying about so many things it is impossible to keep up, have a media that just goes along with them, and a population that thinks this is some kind of reality TV show in the style of Big Time Wrestling. If Clinton, Carter, Nixon, Kennedy, or even George Washington did what they are doing the world and even half of the propaganda fed Americans would be against it just like now. Trying to divert the whole thing to some notion that it is all about Bill Clinton or other Democrats makes no sense to me. As I have said repeatedly I do not trust any polititions so you will not hear me defend Clinton or anyone else, they are all crooks who cannot be trusted. Bush is the most dangerous one right now and if he gets away with it he may prove to be the most dangerous ever.

Using blame and partisan name calling has nothing to do with it. It is about an administration of any persuasion that is lying to the public, fomenting hatred with statements like "your are either with us or against us" and slurs toward every other nation and religion, and on the verge of starting a war that we are going to lose very badly even if we do squash Iraq like a bug. We will eventually lose even if we do succeed in taking over the entire world with our military superiority. We have already lost by letting our government decimate our rights, lock up people with no representation, torture people, etc. all in the name of their so called war.

What we should have learned from 9/11 is that we are creating enemies with our foreign policies and they can easily attack us in ways we never even thought of. I doubt we can stop another plane attack, much less any of the following:

small plane crash into one of those Propane Globes would take out a huge area of a city.

hand held rocket shot from a car at one of our nuclear plants would destroy how much?

armed gunmen break into our schools and kill our children.

car or truck full of explosives breaks into a shopping center and kills thousands

suicide bombers

We cannot always catch them all and they will succeed. We cannot even figure out how to stop our own teenage kids from doing the same thing in our schools; our fundamentalist Christians from killing in the name of saving lives; or our own terrorists like the huge list we have read about since Manson, Jimmy Jones, Koresh, etc.

If I was Bin Laden I would be laying low right now because if they do anything now it will justify our actions, but if they wait till we attack a country that the whole world is against us doing then they will be able to recruit even 1 percent of the Muslims and there will be a million terrorists wanting to kill us.

I know you will just say "Liberals just try to use fear" but the latest poll by a magazine owned by a right wing conservative says:
Americans believe a war against Iraq would have serious consequences at home, the poll shows. Sixty-six percent say it would create serious divisions between the United States and its allies. Seventy-eight percent say Iraq would retaliate by using biological or chemical weapons against American targets. And 82 percent believe the war would inspire terrorist attacks against American citizens.
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Posts: n/a
Default a point of last post is EXACTLY 10,000 characters long....HeHeHe....the longest post OSO will allow...HAHAHAHA...!!!!

Tom, thanks for replaying our posts, can you e-mail me a copy of that, great reading, very humorous....we are funny people.

Tinkerboater, right on

Seeya boys, heading out. Have a good night.....yes Tom, even you...but not you Cat.....KIDDING, just kidding Catman.....HeHeHe.....

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Posts: n/a

Tom, I just read your last post, you just don't get don't defend yourslef by running and hiding. I wish I lived in your little world where everyone is peaceful and kind. Wake up man, htey hate us anyway, do you think if we walk cowardly away that is going to help us????? The opposite my head hurts from beating my skull with a pipe wrench.....

This time I am really leaving......(until Tom posts something irrational again)

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