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Terrorists and war

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Old 03-15-2003, 03:39 PM
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I can say that your posts do have a fairly decent entertainment value. Beyond that, you are clueless.

It sure has been fun YANKING THEIR CHAINS.
It is so easy to get them going.
It has been a little slow here so it has been fun while it lasted.
thanks everyone

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mlite...please point out one conspiracy that I posted....

Just one...

That isn't true

Iraqgate is a conspiracy...but it is also true

point out one...

it is easy to point fingers....but stand up and point out the bullsh!t
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Cashmoney said earlier and I quote...

"Saddam has invited inspectors in, and the CIA
Saddam is allowing U2 overflights of his country
Saddam has allowed the inspectors to look ANYWHERE
Saddam has Al Samoud missiles that fly 150 miles tops
Saddam has a toy plane that flys by sight"

Three hundred thousand men and women poised to unleash hell on you tends to make you motivated. The ONLY reason that ANYTHING is being sooner over there right now is that very fact. Meanwhile, Saddam is STILL playing his little games and buying time so nut case conspiracy theorist like yourself can continue on your "I hate Bush" campaigns...

NK will be dealt with...and soon. Watch how their tune changes after we mop up the Iraqi crisis...

Iraq...well over 12 years in the making...NK will be dealt with. Saying we should simply drop what we are doing with Saddam to run over and address NK is a joke.

Tell me cash...who is your intelligence source? They must be very well placed on the "inside"...

One more thing...The very instant you mentioned "unelected" any shred of credibility you may have had went right out the door.

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Cash...You post opinion pieces and LEAP...and I mean LEAP to some concocted predeterming conclusion of fact.

If you honestly can't understand the difference between fact and opinion then what else is there to discuss???

No one can tell you already know it all...
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Why are we getting ready to go to war with Iraq Crash?
Old 03-15-2003, 05:31 PM
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Originally posted by timucin
i am wondering something...

how many of us population is thinking the same with casmoney?
how many with steve 1?
There are millions of Americans (along with the rest of the world) taking to the streets in protest along with most mainstream religious leaders. There are a few pro war protesters that the right wing hate mongers like Rush Limbo can fool into staging a demonstration. Problem is almost all of the press and media is owned by right wing ideologues, so the Americans don't really know what is going on. Most Americans think Saddam attacked on 9/11 and the right wing wants to keep it that way. The press also keeps Americans ignorant of the facts that all of the claims by Bush, Powell, and company have been discredited. Most of us still think Saddam has Nukes and the ability to deliver them to America even though the actual inspectors have proven otherwise.

I just did a search of how many times the word "hate" was mentioned in the last month since the right wingers claim it is a liberal tool as absurd as that is. I found that those accusing liberals and trying to fool everybody else into their lies about them use the word the most by far.

#1 Allan4 said "hate" 7 posts
#2 Steve 1 said "hate" 5 posts
#3 Mr. Offshore said "hate" 5 posts
Shane, Chris232, mcollinstn, catmando 3 posts each
cashmoney used it 2 posts.
I used it 1 post in reference to the hatred directed toward the French that I do not agree with and then in this post.

Who is the party of hate with all their talk about kill everybody, screw the whole world, etc. The hate me for not agreeing with them, the French for having the courage to stand up to them, the millions of protesters throughout the world, the Pope, all Muslims, gays, women who are smarter than them, etc. They joke about killing with their own weapons of mass destruction as if it were a video game while saying peace marchers are hateful. They post pictures of Nuking your part of the world as if your people are not human or worthy of sharing the planet with them. As you know the rest of the world considers George Bush to be the most dangerous person on the planet and his trust among Americans is slipping fast.

They also claim liberals use fear while they yell "orange alert" every time public opinion falls even further from their side. As more people start realizing that the players on Team Bush have been planning this for years their support will end except from the Christian fundamentalists, the rich who are benefiting from it all, and the hate mongers who think Rush Limbo is right to foment hatred.

As you can see from this thread and others; there is no discussing with them since they refuse to even consider that the other side has any point and just try to name call and discredit anything not in agreement with their point of view. That does not mean that they are right just because they can out yell everybody else. They harp about responsibility all the time, yet try to blame all the things that are happening with the economy, terrorism, world opinion, etc. on people who are no longer in position to do anything about it while excusing the Bush gang of any responsibility. They try to trick everybody into thinking it is just partisan bickering and the Democrats are the party of hate, communism, etc. They seem to forget that most Americans don't like either party but have no choice. Do not fall for it, they do not represent American or world opinion yet they pretty much represent Bush and company perfectly with their hatred and inability to consider anything other than George's "gut" feelings.

For a guy who claimed to be a "uniter not a divider" Bush sure has divided the whole world, or should we say he united the world against US. He can't even threaten or bribe enough votes in the UN or bribe Turkey into letting him use your land for his killing adventure.

For a good primer on what is going on go directly to Bush and companies own site - and download their manifesto As you can see from posts on this site they are joking about who is next after Iraq just like in the manifesto.
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That is so full of BS --- get out your TINFOIL HAT
The press and TV are 90% LEFTIST-and anyone that thinks otherwise is dillusional.
And you two are the only ones that won't even look at the other sides story. You still haven't shown us some hard evidence that didn't come from some leftist waco press- get out your TINFOIL HAT publisher.

And the only ones doing the dividing in this world are the political liftists trying to discredit the republicans to advance their side with whatever lies they can spin.

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Seems there are a group of you who like to call my info rant and rave...

yet you fail to point out what really is the bull story

What is false....?
Old 03-15-2003, 07:06 PM
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examples from this thread filled with hate from the right and refusal to consider any opinions other than their own.

MOAB, privately known in military circles as "the mother of all bombs,

Once they start chucking those bad boys around they'll have turbans landing in Australia.

A fuel-air explosion of the magnitude generated by a MOAB resembles a small nuclear detonation. If I were on the receiving end of such a weapon, or observed the effects of a MOAB strike, that would certainly seem like shock and awe to me.

Why is it so hard for you to believe what our government says but you believe what a known terrorists says as being gospel.
HITLER didn't attack this country either -- Were we wrong to go after him.
What do we do wait untill SADDAM gives a terrorist a nuke and that terrorist then blows up your relatives and friends before you will believe that he is bad.


Liberals lie about undisputable facts on a daily basis, so why would be EVER believe any of your propoganda.

reminds me of how greatful I am that I am a rational humanbeing, not some hate driven, fearmongering spindoctor who spews away without even coming close to representing the truth on most matters at hand.

I read that the MOAB bomb will be dropped on Sadam's palace's. Now that should be an awesome sight. I say take care of Iraq and move on to Iran next. By the way The Dixie Chicks CD's got thrown in the trash yesterday - BH

What a Friggin A$$hole to DARE compare the USA to Iraq !! I am not going to even post a reply to that Imbecile.

What the hell do you personalty know about the Iraqis??

.if they should be a casualty of the MOAB, so be it...

I am not talking some Perverted Liberal antiamerican sewer webpage put up by some democrat transvestite. I want your first hand knowledge on the subject!!

YOU ARE LIEING, MISREPRESENTING THE TRUTH AND FEAR MONGERING!!!!!! PEOPLE ARE STARING TO SEE THRU THIS CHARADE OF CRAP YOU GUYS PLAY!!!!!! Again....why do you think the democratic party is crumbling? America is getting sick of you guys lieing and carrying on and trying to scare them into beleiving your inaccuracies and propoganda.


I did not read the rest of your ignorant laced and hate filled links. If I did I'm sure I could blast them full of holes, as could any reasonable, honest person. You are coming dangeroulsy close to being Anti American

No that is bull**** thank your buffoon Mr Carter for the Iraq situtation


that is MUCH more important than what some socialist French a-hole thinks of my US of A

Carter a filthy democrats role in starting the Islamic Jihad by allowing the Shah of Iran to fall -- and beginning more than two decades of international terrorism!!

I consider Jimmah Carter one of the FOUNDING FATHERS of modern day terrorism One weak President opened up this Pandora's Box and we are seeing the results today

Typical Idiot Liberal!!!!!!!

President Jimmy Carter, and the extremists in his administration are to blame and should be held accountable.

Khomeini now there was a Big Governments Liberal to be proud off!!

Get a vasectomy

The Lib's NEVER answer a direct question. Have any of you watched the debates on TV??? The democrate Liberals don't answer the questions they just keep spouting their garbage and change the subject to what they think. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH

I went into a guys shop the other day and there was a liberal radio program on the bull**** coming out of the speaker was amazing I at first thought it was a comedy program

the only smart thing the man ever did

But it was the same liberal crap and not answering the direct questions.

It was funny that you and others actually believe that crap.

I think that the liberal way of thinking is flawed and blind to the true facts. You keep spouting your facts but those facts are coming from the press ( in most cases -LIBERAL-) Show us some facts that aren't from the press. The facts can be read the same as the BIBLE. Everyone has a different idea of what was said.
I tend to believe the conservative side.

Cash you are truly an Idiot

Guys let cash go shopping as stated in his or her main interest and let him or her wait eagerly for the next welfare check of $309 next 3rd of the month. Heck he or she can't even spring $25 to see pictures here let him or her spiral into his or her own delusion.

"You can put pumps on a jackass but it still is a jackass"

I ususualy wouldn't reply to a windbag such as yourself.. But sitting here reading your trash makes me want to choke the $hit out of you .. Im curious what your ethnic background is ?

So pull what few brain cells you have together and think a little before you make a bigger fool of yourself.

Hate to break your bubble but us Bad Americans were small players while your heros the Russians and Chinese were the real suppliers along with the French and Germans

Now that we are not going to start a northern front from turkey at your government's's request (we did not need one before)

when the Iraqi army gets driven north... who is going to help you guys??

blantanly disregarded the truth, time and time again. Additionally, I have a hard time beleiving much of what the NY or LA Times or the Washington Post say about anything political. They themselves will tell you they are hard core liberal. JUst watch CNN....if you pay attention to what is actually happpening then watch CNN there is a slant that should be ILLEGAL!! It's unreal, the truth is constantly misrepesented by you guys, over and over and over.....

the hard left people generally misrespresent the truth and use scare tactics, lies and utopian idealism

you lost most of your credibility with me when you compared Bush to Sudamm. When people think on that level, they are not operating within the realms of reality

I'll bet ole fifth column Mash has had some exciting eperances in the welfare line

The real reason that anti-American Scandinavians handed him the Nobel Peace Prize, and how Carter actually secretly lobbied for the award But we have Iran Contra

Does that tell you anything...majority rules?

since you most likely have never been right once in your entire life

Let me Guess your occupation : Weight guesser at the carnival right ???? like in the movie named after you and cash !!!!! well am I right ??? Of course!!

I believe very little you say

It is so funny how you have a whole group of people that think one way and a very few that think annother-and the few are correct??? FAT CHANCE ---- LETS put it to a vote liberal style and see who is correct. And if they cheat we can vote and count the cards untill it comes out the way we want it to come out.

It has something to do with the liberal policy of ramming one person's opinion down the throats of thousands of other people. That's what liberalism is, making decisions for and controling person's views are what's best for all...I.E. Big Government....I.E. Comunism....see where I am in Hillary Clinton knowing what is better for your health than your doctor does.....


Everyone who is protesting the war is saying there are no weapons, give more time for inspections, etc....

Yes, we are good soldiers, we are following right along, you can see, none of us can speak for ourselves


Why do you support Saddam?

(Being a nut a liberal hallmark)

We can thank Jimmy Carter for all of this.

Now Prove me wrong !!

North Korea and the Bumbling Liberals.

A pathetic legacy, and worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize.

all of the dangers, are in large part due to eather the Carter or Clinton Administration mismanagement and naivety (and thirst to strike a deal to wash away the stain of Monica) when dealing with rogue nations who are now at our throat.

The attempt to blame the current state of affairs on Bush's "axis of evil" speech is cowardly Liberal blame-shifting of the worst sort.

Clinton's coddling of dictators with a yearning for Weapons of Mass Destruction got us here. But North Korea is only one bloom from the seeds planted during his tenure as Commander-in-Chief, when he forged what one critic called an "astonishing reversal of nine previous U.S. administrations" and their refusal to negotiate with terrorists.

What a Jerk !!!!!!!!!

Madaline Halfbright,

More on Half-bright :

Was it in N Korea that she was mistaken for a Hotel Maid and was asked to hurry up and get the hotel room cleaned up?

Jimmy Carter is a boob..

Tom lay off the Medication!!

You do not know what you are talking about when refering to the iraqis !!

The reason is that Bush and company has done so many things that ruined the trust of the whole world. Why do you refuse to even consider that?

Do you realy believe this nonsense?

Screw you liberals

(Post #146)

Ha ha lets push the button!

OK I can talk on your stoner level ;DUDE Like wow Man !! It was None other than Bro Arafat was involved (Carters Buddy) along with inventing Hijackings

Trash your french were providing the reactor to the Iraqis that the Israelis blew up !! sorry man learn some background.

I guess Ignorance is bliss.

Al'Quaida's outrage and hate came from the fact that American troops were stationed in Iraq for the war

Wrong again trash !!

The Russians and Chinese armed Saddam Trash along with the Germans and French

Your kind of people!

And these are the answers to questions with sources that could have been part of an intelligent discussion.
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CAT we can say the same about you- You still havn't shown me anything that didn't come from one of the leftist sites
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