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3 days and nothing I hope they find it but I think it is long gone. Whoever stole it knew what they were doing and had it planned not even any of the dumbest rednecks I know (and trust me I know plenty) would try to steal something like that.
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THIS SUCKS, I hope these guys get caught red-handed!

Randy should post the serial numbers of those #6's so when or if some sixes come up for sale, it would most likely be someone on OSO that buys them???
Just another way to lead to these losers!

3 days later, I thought by the last page of this post I would have heard the thing was recovered, this is not a good sign at all

It probably was someone from the Insurance board that master minded the whole scam, just so they can stick it to us somemore
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I bet it's pretty close to where it was taken I just hope they don't throw a match to it when they are done....

Along the lines of "What if"

What if "Stinson" is more right than the majority of us. Here we think that it must have been a bunch of stupid hillbilly's. What if it was stolen by someone that wanted one bad enough to spend about what it was worth to get it. Meaning, How long is the waiting list to have one built?? What if some High Roller from some other country saw it at the Maimi Boat show and said "OK, I want one" only to find out he has to wait a year or maybe 2 before he get's one.

Randy Scism Race Boats are known World Wide and (from what I've read) been owned by VERY wealthy people from all parts of the world.

I just saying, it might not be a couple of rednecks.......

If this post is offensive I will delete it.......
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Old 03-31-2004, 11:10 AM
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Any updates?
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Amber alert, they should have a way to put that up on those signs we all are taxed for
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I would definately have to agree that this was planned out and not just a spur of the moment decision. I wouldnt be surprised that they boat no longer looks like it did when it was taken. How hard would it be to rent a small warehouse area, pull the boat in, quick paintjob, shrink wrap and keep moving. Also, If it was stolen for a buyer, not to be stripped, I am sure that all transportation and shipping measures were planned out as well. Somebody would be waiting delivery of it. The thieves wouldn't have to worry about finding a buyer.
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I agree, This is why I own junk no body wants it.
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Default satellite pics

There is a website They might be able to help. I don't know but it's worth a try.
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I dated a girl that was a fine art broker, for awhile. She said that even the wealthiest customers know that there is only two ways to get a one of a kind. Pay more than someone else..or steal it! Her company had more paintings stolen than not. Probably the same with this boat.
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how many mti cats produced in total?
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