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boat ramps

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Default Re: boat ramps

funniest one I got is I backed my buddy's jet ski. close to the ramp than disconected it to get my boat with my truck. He decided to walk the ski to the edge of the ramp. well apperantly a 150lb. guy with flip flops on can't stop a runaway jet ski down a ramp.(you learn something new every day) so he tripped up and face planted but didn't let go of the trailer tongue and dragged all the way to the water face first, cement ramp, shorts and no shirt. Good thing there weren't any sharks around the ramp.
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Default Re: boat ramps

Was at the ramp this past weekend to help a friend with his boat, noticed a new 17' openbow boat at the ramp, dad,mom, and two girls, (looked like dikes to us) , but anyway putting the boat in the water, backed it in and could not get it off the trailer, finally the girls got in the freezing water with boots on and jeans, and were pushing the boat, would not budge, they then pulled it back out and noticed that the safety straps on the back were still on, removed and back down the ramp the girls and all to hold the boat waist deep in COLD water, just had to sit back and laugh, and then remember to stay as far away from them as possible this summer.
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Default Re: boat ramps

just remenbed this one. going by a boat ramp in the grand haven channel and we notice our friends boat at the dock. we drive up to see what he is doing. boat is running blige pump is running and he is nowhere to be found. is we take a ride out to the lake on our way back we stop by the ramp again and here he comes running down the dock waving and yelling get your trailer get your trailer. ( which has 10 miles away ) he had got in a fight with has girl friend so when she pulled the truck and trailer out of the ramp she kept on going with the drain plug in the truck.
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Default Re: boat ramps

I am re-posting this from another thread:
Hopefully it will keep someone from ruining their WHOLE day. . .
.................................................. ................................................
Don't Forget Your Safety Chain . . .
OR your transom tie-downs . . .

OK - they were stacked up at the Ramp like airliners over O'Hare in a snowstorm.
There was a diesel spill in Huntington Harbour.
I need to quick fetch my boat to top it up with street gas. . . seeing the traffic at the Ramp, I want to execute the perfect "dip and go" retrieval. I get the trailer in quick, and the boat on the trailer. PERFECT. As I'm headin up the Ramp, the tongue pops off the ball and the trailer rolls ( STEEP RAMP ) back down toward the water. The trailer safety chains catch, but the bunks are slippery from the diesel spill and the boat slips backwards on the bunks.
The winch-strap then - SNAPPED - at the hook.

The only thing saved me from the resounding crunch of fiberglass on concrete was the safety chain from the bow eye to the trailer. I did not have transom tie-downs. The chain was still vibrating like a banjo-string when I got to it.

LESSON: Don't let the traffic at the Ramp influence your safety check. Take EVERY precaution before starting up the ramp. Because I was in a hurry, I almost waited to connect the safety chain until I was clear of the ramp. Figuring the strap was enough.

IT WASN"T . . .
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Default Re: boat ramps

I was working at a marina in NH and a guy and his girlfriend pulled up in a Saab with a 14 Blow boat in tow. He couldn't back the trailer down the ramp so he thought he could unhook the trailer and walk it down the ramp. He went over the lip at the top and it was all down hill. Just before the water he jacked the trailer one way and hit the stone wall on the side of the ramp. Then we went over to help.
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Default Re: boat ramps

Always a show goin on at the ol boat ramp!

One day summer I park in the main lot at one end of the marina around noon. I'm heading to the dock when I see a crowd gathered at the public ramps at the far end of the marina. Big red heavy rescue vehicle from the fire dept got my attention so I walk down to see what is happnin.

Four old black guys with verrry long faces are standing on the ramp dock near a 30 year old tri-hull somethingwhiteandgreen... There's a big honking wrecker on the ramp with it's lights flashing. It belongs to my buddy, JM. He owns the local Exxon station, the wrecker service, NAPA store and the taxi service. Very small town. He is a real life Boss Hogg. Most everyone in the crowd knows him.

A diver has just surfaced from putting the hook to something on down the ramp... about two or three feet under the surface. It is red. It is large. It is a Cadillac. As this dawns on me I look more closely and it becomes obvious which one of the black dudes owns the car and probably the boat. He looks like he has been cryin. Just a day of fishin and beer with his buddies-- and now, this... JM hits the winch to take the slack out of the cable and the crowd goes quiet. He pulls the car just far enough for the hood emblem to clear the surface... he has a smile a mile wide on his face- he's really enjoying the attention. He taps the switch a couple of times and the hood emblem moves and sends ripples out. The crowd cracks up. Even the old black guys manage to smile. At least I think they were smiling...

Ya hadda be there- it was hilarious.
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Default Re: boat ramps

Originally Posted by jayboat
He pulls the car just far enough for the hood emblem to clear the surface... he has a smile a mile wide on his face- he's really enjoying the attention. He taps the switch a couple of times and the hood emblem moves and sends ripples out. The crowd cracks up. Even the old black guys manage to smile. At least I think they were smiling...

Ya hadda be there- it was hilarious.

THAT'S fooking funny!
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Default Re: boat ramps

Very funny. No freaking way I could smile.
I am teaching the wife how to back the trailer and I think I say "do get freaked out and forget to put into park and set the "E" brake" about 350 times per training session. My worst fear is seeing it all slip below the water line.
Last July 4th the boat was broken (call me Cuda) and we rode our bicycles over to a busy local ramp (Bay Pines for the locals) and watched the fun. Quite entertaining to see how pis%ed off people get while enjoying their "hobby". I gotta love the guys that back to the water, then load everything for the day and tie up the ramp for 10 minutes. I saw a guy in a center console cleaning his fish while the boat was tied to the dock blocking a ramp..that almost was a fight.
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Default Re: boat ramps

i had a 18 ft jet boat, and one of the bodymen at the car dealership i worked for welded a trai;er hitch on my car. as i pull onto the highway from the boat ramp, traffic was heavy so i nailed and the tires spun a bit till i hit the asphalt. it hooked up hard on the tarmac ripping the entire trailer hitch assm from the car. the boat passed me on the left running right down the centerline of the road with cars passing it on both sides it turned slightly left and the fender caught a no parking sign and the boat did a 180 and came to a stop without a scratch... i found a better welder the next day
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Default Re: boat ramps

Wanted to reply to this last week, but couldn't log on. My best story, pulling up to the ramp after day at beach, and we saw something just above water line that we couldn't figure out what it was. As we got closer, realized it was the t-top to a trans am! Turns out he had backed the car down the ramp towing a jet ski. The trailer jack knifed and the TA got stuck. The driver proceeded to straighten out the trailer, and with that the whole rig rolled into the drink. It was a 4 speed and he forgot to set the emergency brake! Too bad, it was a beautifully restored '68. The guy was heartbroken.

Also saw a jerk back his Bayliner down the ramp, and for some reason stopped at the water's edge. He proceeded to un-hitch the trailer from the ball, and boat and trailer roll down the ramp into the water. LMAO!

One more - a guy in a small boat is screwing around with his boat in the water, blocking the ramp. It's windy and a little wavy at the ramp, with waves breaking over the stern of this a$%hole's boat. All of a sudden, we start seeing cushions, life jackets, cooler, etc. floating away! He was so pre-occupied with what he was doing, he didn't realize his boat was sinking right at the ramp!

I couldn't resist responding to this, I've seen it all.
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