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boat ramps

Old 02-17-2005, 07:02 PM
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Default Re: boat ramps

The first boat we bought (many moons ago) was a 17' runabout, and we accompanied the current owner to the lake for the sea trial prior to purchase. We jumped in the boat, he backed it down the ramp into the water, and we held it next to the dock while he went to park his rig. We heard some bubbling, and then noticed the bilge was filling up with water...he'd forgotten to put the drain plug in! We looked everywhere for the plug, couldn't find it, and we're yelling at him as he's walking towards us after parking the car. He finally got close enough to hear what we were saying, and then took off running for his rig to back the trailer down and pull the sinking boat out of the water. Turns out there was no way to put the plug in without jumping in the water (it was cold), so he had to pull it out. Fortunately, he managed to get it out of the water before the water level got to anything important. Long story short, the boat was fine and we ended up buying it.

I'll never forget the look on his face when he was walking towards us and realized what was going on...
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Default Re: boat ramps

Here's a lesson to all of us who have been boating for years and get so frustrated by the morons at the ramp....

This summer, I pulled my boat from Connecticut back to the lake I grew up on in upstate NY. By the time I arrived, it was around 8pm - just in time for every fisherman and fair weather boater to be putting their boats back on the trailer. I patiently pulled into the staging area, pulled my boat cover off, made sure the battery was charged etc. etc. I then pulled forward and waited for a spot to clear at the ramp between one of the two docks. One by one, a boat would get put on the trailer (usually after a rediculous amount of time including one fisherman who had to pull his fish out and show another fisherman each and every one as he blocked the ramp) and immediately, another boat would pull in from the lake. My blood pressure was starting to rise as not a single boater seemed to have any sense that there were a couple of us trying to get in the water. Plus, I could be in the water and gone in a minute, versus the 15 minutes most of these characters took to even figure out how to put their boat on the trailer. I had now waited about 30 minutes, and as a dock finally opened, I swung around started to back in.....only to have another fisherman open his boat wide open to wedge himself into the ramp before I could get my boat all the way in. I waved him off, to which he shrugged, tied the boat off, lit a cigarette and started talking to another boater. At this point I absolutely lost it. I pulled forward, backed my boat in between both boats currently at the docks at either side of the ramp (leaving inches between them and me on either side) and climbed onto the bow from the back of my pickup. I figured the hell with being polite, I'd back off between these guys and be on my way while my girlfriend took the truck and trailer. Now this lake is a quiet, 15 mile lake without many big powerboats - so to these people, my 25 Checkmate was a real object of interest. I fired it up with the usual racket of through hull exhaust, and as everyone watched both due to the noise as well as my mid ramp launching technique I realized that in my fit of rage I'd forgotten to take off the rear tie downs from my trip from Connecticut. I killed the boat, jumped in the truck, and pulled the boat back out with everyone now wondering what I was up to. I slammed the brakes on, jumped out and stormed to the back of the boat only to discover that I hadn't pulled out far enough and the back of the boat was still in the water. I was so pissed now, that I raged into the water, fully clothed in work clothes - (khakis and button down shirt), tore the tie downs off, disconnected the bow eye and jumped back in the truck. Truck in reverse, back between the two boats (who of course were still trying to figure out how the winch on their trailer worked), slammed on the brakes....and uh oh....there went the boat. I jumped back out of the truck, into the water (still fully clothed) and started swimming after the boat, again with the entire ramp as an audience. By some miracle of the Gods, the boat didn't hit either boat to my side and floated straight back. I was able to grab onto the bow eye, swim the boat out a bit further, and climb aboard as everyone on shore watched. I don't think my boat has ever made a hastier retreat for the distance than it did that day.
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Default Re: boat ramps

No matter what, NEVER lose your cool or get impatient while launching or retrieving your boat. It can only get worse.However it happens to all of us sooner or later.
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Wink Re: boat ramps

Watched this old guy every weekend as a kid launch his boat. He would do it the same way every time, and so did a lot of other Dumb A$$E$. He would unhook the boat put the car in reverse nail it till he got the trailer in the water and slam the brakes and the boat would float off with his wife holding the bow line. Well this one or should I say last time I saw him, he did the same thing he always does BUT he was about ten feet from the water. Need I say more His wife did her job she never let go of that bow line. My father still loves to tell people that story and he still laughs just as hard as he did that day.
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Default Re: boat ramps

Races were over and lots of boats are ramping out at the place we used to use as the wet pits. There is a certain racer that was dealing boats at the time and had a demo boat getting broken in on the course(racing). So this guys worker backs a RWD dually down the ramp to pick up the boat. But the ramp is all wet so after they hook the boat to the trailer the dually just sits there and spins. Racer is still standing in the boat yelling instructions but the kid is not gonna get the truck and trailer up the ramp. All of a sudden the boat rumbles to life (both engines). Racer yells "HIT IT" and kid gasses the truck-at the same time racer gasses the boat-BIG TIME. The props get a bite and the whole setup comes flying up the ramp at about 20 MPH. Tires smokin, boat screaming, props spraying everyone in a 100 foot radius. Gotta love racing And someone bought that boat as new
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Default Re: boat ramps

JROMY.....That's hilarious!!!!
Partly because I had to do something similar. When launching that day, we had left something on and had killed the battery the week before. Got the boat turned around at the launch ramp and some nice couple gave us a jump.
At the end of the day I parked to boat out of the way and went to get the empty trailer. Boats kept coming in and blocking the ramp (lie you experienced) Finally I backed down between the 2 boats sitting there ran and got my boat and hit the trailer at 1/2 plane. boat came right up to the stop, I shut it down, hooked the front and climbed down the front to get in the truck. A cop had been sitting there watching all of this and had a few things to say to me. (The boats on either side of me still didn't have the trucks at the ramp yet!) anyway, the boat to my right was the couple that gave me the jump that morning.......
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Default Re: boat ramps

t500hps - LOL! Your story would be about my luck also! Definately worth taking that extra deep breath before causing a scene.
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Default Re: boat ramps

On a rare trip to the lake when I didnt take my boat, I rode with a friend and a girl he was dating in his boat. On our way back to the ramp after a long day of sun, suds and fun we began telling the girl the many stories of inconsiderate and sometimes stupid boat ramp behavior we had witnessed in the past. Of course we bragged about how quick we could load in and out. He drops me off at the dock and I get in line with his truck and trailer. Now remember, he's trying to impress this girl and quickly drives the boat perfectly onto the trailer. Now you might think I forgot the part of the story when I backed his truck and trailer down the ramp, but I didn't - because I hadn't yet! Yea, he put his boat on someone elses trailer. The look on the other trailer owners face was priceless. My buddy smiled, apologized, and backed off the trailer. Smooth move. She was really impressed.
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Default Re: boat ramps

how many suds ?????
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Default Re: boat ramps

That was hysterical. It's true however - after 19 years of trailering, I learned that no matter how angry you get, it seems to only make the a$$holes go even slower to spite you. And it's true, fisherman are the WORST! They are either cleaning their catch (right on the dock), screwing with tackle, or BS'ing. I decided it aint worth it. I park my rig, have a beer and try to relax. The only time I might try squeezing between boats is if it's raining (or about to).

Why are people such idiots!
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