Key West Bash Photo Challenge: Shoot Your Hearts Out


There are two things you know when you come home from a party without any pictures of it on your smart phone. First, you were truly present in the moment rather than planning your next thrilling social media reveal.

Second, it was an epic bash.

This is why that despite three years worth of Speedonthewater/Offshoreonly Key West Bash events in the books—with another one set for this Thursday night at the Sandbar Sports Grill on Greene Street—there are so few pictures from them. Even with chief photographer Pete Boden on scene, images from the annual happening are scarce. (We don’t hold Boden accountable for the party-photo deficit—for all the hard work he does during the year bringing the high-performance powerboat world to vibrant life, the guy deserves a good party.)

Can you take a better photo than this one at the upcoming Speedonthewater/Offshoreonly Key West Bash? We know you can.

This year, we aim to change that. We’re bringing in photographer Kevin Johns of Instant Memories Photography. He’ll be right outside the venue with his photo booth and plenty of props, and the stuff that comes out of his efforts always is a hoot. And, of course, Boden will be there with his camera gear.

But we’re also looking for candid stuff, smart phone shots and such of the PG to PG-13 kind. (We’d ask for G-rated material, too, but we’re not that delusional.) We don’t want you to sacrifice your party focus for photo focus, but we do want to collect images from our party guests for a massive post-event gallery.

So we’re offering an incentive, meaning $500 worth of gear from the new product store, for the best image. The winner gets to choose whatever gear he or she wants, and—forget false modesty—thanks to Susan Laudwig at Grow Marketing (our product fulfillment vendor) we have some great stuff.

Here’s how it works: When the party starts at 7 p.m., we’ll start a photo thread on You post photos from the bash there. The thread will be open until 5 p.m. on Monday, November 11. On Friday, November 15, we’ll announce the winner and showcase the winning image on both websites. (’s Jason Johnson, fellow party planners Greg Harris and Yvonne Aleman and I will be the judges.) Then we’ll reach out to the winner with a gift certificate to the product store.

A few rules: First, as noted above, keep your photos in the PG-13 range. Racy is fine. Naked is not. (Save those shots for your own personal use—we’re good with that.) Second, since hundreds of you will attend the party, we need to limit entries to one photo per person. (You will learn the joys of photo editing.) Third, amateurs only. If you shoot for a living—or try to—you’re out.

The gauntlet has been thrown. So come to the party and grab an image or two. One quick picture, which will be featured as an Image Of The Week on, could make you a winner. Then you can get back to what really matters at any great party, being truly present in the moment.

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