Friends In High-Water Places


Even if it’s just a half-inch underwater, a submerged dock is useless. You might be able to walk on it—if you don’t mind wet feet on a wobbly surface—but you can’t tie boats or fenders to it. Floating docks, at least of the portable kind, don’t face this problem when water levels get high. But fixed docks do, and that exactly what has happened to the fixed city dock in Alexandria Bay, N.Y., which will host the lunch stop for next weekend’s 1,000 Islands Charity Poker Run.

Though the water level in the area reportedly has crested and is receding, it won’t drop enough in time for those docks to be useful for the poker run’s lunch stop, a first for the sold-out, three-year-old event.

Volunteer spirit and a generous donation saved the Alexandria Bay lunch stop for the upcoming 1,000 Islands Charity Poker Run.

The Alexander Bay lunch stop is a big deal for the event organizers. In years past, participants had to return to their starting point in Clayton, N.Y., for their midday meal. As excellent as those accommodations were, a change of scenery for lunch was a worthy goal.

And waterfront communities don’t get more idyllic than Alexandria Bay.

“The Village of A-Bay is a flourishing summer community,” said Nolan Ferris, a member of the 1,000 Islands Charity Poker Run organizing committee. “But high-water levels have really impacted the fixed town docks. The first 600 feet are underwater. So we asked the city if we could make them usable and we got approval last Friday.”

Yesterday, Ferris and 20-plus volunteers began building what is—for all intents and purposes—a dock atop a dock. The materials for the project were donated by generous benefactors. As they do with everything else surrounding the 1,000 Islands happening, volunteers supplied the labor.

“We had a big crew from Clayton led by Lance Peterson, who owns a company called JR Construction there, working on it,” said Ferris. “Bobby Cantwell, another member of our board, dropped off lunch for the crew and Alex Buduson, another board member, stopped by with our videographer to capture it all.

“I even had buddies from New Jersey and Pennsylvania drive up to help out,” he continued. “We definitely have friends in high-water places.”



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